Wheeler Class

The WHEELER is a one-design high performance replica of a Maxi Ocean Racer, and, in the words of Gordon Stout, who has won national championships in several AMYA classes, “It is as close to sailing a real boat as you can get with a model sailboat.” The Wheeler is a big boat, with an overall length of 79″, a waterline length of 63″, a beam of 15″, and design displacement of 30 pounds. The Wheeler carries 2,000 sq in of sail, which allows it to plane when the winds are up.  It is extraordinarily fast, and smooth:  an impressive sight on the water.  Because of its size, however, it is the most expensive  and most difficult to transport of the RC classes at the SFMYC.  Design specifications, manufacturer, and class secretary information are available at the American Model Yachting Association.

Currently, about eight SFMYC members have Wheelers, and the class has grown to the point where it has a four season race series season.