Victoria Class


For almost a decade, SFMYC has included the smallest and least expensive Victoria One Design class in its fleet of radio-controlled model yachts.  Not only is it an actively-raced boat in many communities around the world, sanctioned by the American Model Yachting Association, it is a well-balanced, sweet-sailing model yacht. The boat’s low cost and good sailing characteristics make it a great first yacht, while remaining fun to sail and race for old hands as well. It is easy to transport, fully rigged, in the smallest of cars. Some of the Victorias sailed at SFMYC are in a so-called “Silver” fleet, utilizing the stock spars and sails that come with the kit.  Under AMYA class rules, a “Gold” fleet is also permitted; they use custom-made carbon-fiber spars and aftermarket paneled sails. That adds to the cost of the boat; most of our members now sail them.  There are more than 20 Victoria skippers in the Club, many of whom have built their own boats. Used Victorias come up for sale from time to time.

We also have four Club-owned Victorias which are kept handy in the Boathouse, making it possible for members, new members, and prospective members to sail a Victoria without cost. To reserve a Club boat, or to get hints about building your own (do NOT follow the kit’s instructions!), post a comment on the fleet’s email bulletin board.

To ask a question about the Victoria fleet, to inquire about boats for sale (or to sell one yourself) or to organize an impromptu weekend sail, use the Victoria fleet’s email bulletin board: