Star 45 Class

The Star 45 is 45” long and based on the full-size 22’9” Star class sailboat.   Minimum weight is   12 lbs., with 70% of that weight in the keel.  Each boat carries around 1,000 sq. inches of sail.   They are both fast and agile, and can sail with a single suit of sails in all conditions.  Both   wooden and fiberglass boats are raced, with neither hull type showing any distinct advantage   over the other.   The competitive nature of the woodies makes the boat attractive to builders,   who can construct a competitive boat from commercially available wooden frames.  Visit the   American model Yachting Association ( for class specifications and boat plans.  SFMYC members have over 20 boats.  They compete in six weekend race days each season, and have eight races each day.  See the Current Sail Squadron Regatta Schedule for race dates.