10 Rater Class


The 10 rater class has been around for at least seventy years. It is seeing a resurgance of popularity in pockets of the US.  Modern 10 raters are very long and lean boats that usually weigh between twelve and fourteen pounds. The 10 rater is very fast and is capable of being sailed in open water and windy (20 kts plus) conditions. There is lots of room for experimenting with hull shapes, fins lengths and shapes, and rig plans. The formula for a 10 rater is a combination of waterline length and total sail area.  The rule usually produces a very fast high tech sail boat.  At the SFMYC the intent of the 10 rater class was to bring out older boats built and designed in the 1980s and early 1990s. This has brought out several designs to sail at Spreckles like the Merlin and the Tomahawk.  Marbleheads are encouraged to participate as well.  The class sails about four race days during the sailing season.